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Order Car: A Drama of the American Workplace Volvo
by Christer Olsson

From what I've heard, this is the definitive coffee table book on Volvos. Anyone out there own a copy?

Order Car Talk Car Talk
by Tom and Ray Magliozzi

What can I say? If you haven't heard the Car Talk guys on NPR, you probably don't know you need this book. But you do. Trust me on this.

Buy a copy now! And tune in to Car Talk. You can find them on the web too, at the Car Talk Web site.

Order Car: A Drama of the American Workplace Car : A Drama of the American Workplace
by Mary Walton

A fascinating story about the design and launch of the "new" Taurus...Mary got the inside scoop on the real process, from Jackie Stewart bashing early prototypes, on to the steps and mis-steps in marketing the vehicle.

Order The Critical Path The Critical Path : Inventing an Automobile and Reinventing a Corporation
by Brock W. Yates

Yates, a serious car guy, describes the planning and launch of the one vehicle that has done more to ruin the driving experience of the suburban male - the minivan. How many of us have said "Hon, I'll drive a minivan just as soon as you pry my cold lifeless hands from <fill in the name of your favorite previously owned sports car>?". Now you can gain the insiders' view of how this vehicle was brought to the market. Learn how Chrysler management was able to singlehandledly (again) bring Chrysler back from the brink with some rather astute management, and more than a little luck.

Great reading!

Order All Corvettes are Red All Corvettes Are Red : The Rebirth of an American Classic Legend
by James Schefter

Speaking of sports cars...all boys have wanted a shiny red Corvette ever since the beginning of time. (Well, except for me...I wanted a shiny red P1800...and got one!)

Schefter tells a story that took him 8 long years to research...research that took him into the bowels of GM. He was granted unobstructed access to virtually every meeting and discussion about the planning and eventual launch of the 5th generation Corvette.

Another classic! Order it today for your collection.


Manifold Destiny: The One, the Only, Guide to Cooking on Your Car Engine!
by Chris Maynard and Bill Scheller

A wonderful book...a classic that, due to popular demand, is now being reprinted. Order your copy now before the publisher changes their mind!

Order Stand On It: A Novel by Stroker Ace Stand on It : A Novel by Stroker Ace
by William Neely

A classic car novel...a must read for any car buff. The movie version starred Burt Reynolds playing Stroker Ace.

It's out of print, but Amazon will try to find a copy for you if you'd like.

Order All Wheel Driving High Performance Handbook All Wheel Drive High Performance Handbook
by Jay William Lamm

Yet another great book...that's out of print...but it's worth finding if you drive the new Volvo V70 AWD...or maybe a Porsche 959. But if you do drive a 959, you can give the rest of us lessons...

This book has some wonderful rally action photography and some great tips on how to be a better driver. Ask Amazon to find a copy for you.

Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide
by Tom Sheppard

A definitive reference on expedition touring, based on Mr. Sheppard's 85,000 miles of experience. The book is a bit biased toward Land Rovers, as it is published by Desert Winds in cooperation with Land Rover...but hey, they do make great expedition vehicles. And where else will you find a country-by-country listing of the sulphur content for diesel fuel? (We understand that Mike Sestina keeps a copy in his glovebox for this very reason).

You may never need all of the information in this book...but you sure can dream.

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