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  • General information about the P1900.

  • General information about the P1900.

    Date: Fri, 9 Jul 93 19:19:44 +0200
    From: co@mednt2.sunet.se
    To: "swedishbricks@me.rochester.edu"@kth.sunet.se
    Subject: Re: P1900...

    >Someone(Jennifer Joy?) mentioned seeing an add for a P1900 for sale...
    >I've seen pictures of them, but have never actually seen one up
    >close and personal(No big shock when you consider how few of them
    >there are in the US). So, my question is does anyone know of one in the
    >US owned by a person/corperation who might be willing to let me take a
    >look at it? Pictures aren't the same, and I'm curious as hell...Distance
    >in the US(or Canada) isn't important, I drive around an awful lot...
    >eventually I'll end up near almost any place.

    I can't remember how many 1900 was built, but I think it was about 15-50..So a 1900 is very rare in USA. I think most of the built cars was shipped to USA as demo-cars. In Gothenburg, it's only ONE private owner of the 1900...Volvos museal collections has some of them, and I think its two or three other 1900s in sweden today.

    I don't know anything about the value of a 1900, but In sweden, it's worth at least $40000. In USA, a price under $20000 would be a good buy..

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