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  • Is Volvo planning to build a car with Mitsubishi?

  • Is Volvo planning to build a car with Mitsubishi?

    Date: Thu, 16 Sep 93 13:03:53 EDT
    From: wiegman (Herman L. N. Wiegman)
    To: swedishbricks@me.rochester.edu
    Subject: News from VCoNA, Automobile FOB, V8, #7


    There is some news from Volvo Cars of North America. Perhaps our Swedish members can confirm these initial rumors.

    Volvo is planning a car with their Mitsubishi partners. The car will be loosly based on the 1995/6 Mitsubishi Lancer (not sold in North America). The European press have called this car the "500" series. It will probably carry the B-2024 motor which is similar to the B-3024 [960] and the B-2524 [850]. The engine will probably develop 135hp.

    The Renault Espace will be marketed in North America as a Volvo product. It is the best selling mini-van in Europe.

    Also under study is a Sport-Ute based on the 850 platform. This was stated by Bjorn Holthe, VP of product and technical support.

    Mats Ola Palm, President of VCoNA, puts his emphasis on the 500 series project with Mitsubishi. This seems to be the largest growth market for Volvo [the ~$20,000 market]. This marketing strategy would try to "outdo" BMW for the entry level Euro market. The success of the BMW 3-series has inspired Volvo to move "down" market.


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