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  • Steve's Volvo Parts

    Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 17:37:19 -0600 (CST)
    From: Carla Dee Finch
    To: Volvo 2
    Subject: New Parts Place

    To anyone interested in a good source of used parts -

    Mainly for 200 and 700 series Volvos, but sometimes arrangements for other models' parts can be made, a shop called

    Steve's Volvo Parts

    office: (214) 324-0444 pager: 800-670-7019

    recently opened. It is run by Steve Fordham, who has been in the used Volvo parts business for over 10 years. He is always really helpful and makes great deals. He is also willing to look for hard-to-find parts, and he ships anywhere in the U.S.

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    Steffanson Automotive

    Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 13:54:16 -0500 (EST)
    From: Scott Allard
    To: Mike Justesen
    Cc: swedishbricks@me.rochester.edu
    Subject: SAM Update (go fast goodies)

    Howdy all. Time for an update on SAM, aka Steffanson Automotive, aka the folks who bought RSport, the official Volvo racing division.

    SAM has a 50 page Swedish language catalog and an English language price list. They mainly have B23/B230 stuff. Complete heads and goodie kits for B230s, then a broad spectrum of brake, suspension, drive train goodies for 240s, mainly.

    I've placed two orders with them. The phone call (early AM east coast -> early PM Sweden) costs around $15 ($3/minute). Kalle Nilsson is the guy to ask for. I say "is English OK" and he swaps language modules. Parts are accurately described and priced. Air shipping is around $15 for a couple pounds of stuff. I've gotten HD engine mounts ($70/pr), HD rear a-arm bushings ($50/pr), and HD rear trailing arm bushings ($110/pr) from them. Pricey, but unavailable elsewhere. Most parts come in blue Volvo baggies.

    Once you get the catalog check with the Volvo dealer first as many parts are available thru Mother Volvo. Unsure if SAM distributes Volvo stuff, or there's a back door from SAM to Volvo, or what, but there is definately cross-fertilization there.

    For a catalog I suggest sending $10 (shipping is about that from Sweden). Address is Steffanson Automotive AB, Bilgatan 5, S-442 40 Kunglav, Sweden. Phone 46-0-303-944 30.

    I really wanted the HD strut bearings but they're gone.


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    Group 6

    Date: Thu, 23 Nov 1995 06:07:10 -0700 (MST)
    To: "Paul Armijo" , swedishbricks@me.rochester.edu
    From: costrat@primenet.com (Jay Veneaux)
    Subject: Re: Group 6

    At 10:01 AM 11/20/95 -0800, Paul Armijo wrote:
    >Does anybody have the number of Group 6? I'm in the mood to dump some money
    >in my motor.


    Dear Paul,

    Group 6's phone number is (602)290-2442. Frank Freeman is the owner.

    Do you have a copy of the European Car Magazine article on his 740 Turbo that does 0 - 60mph in 6.6 secs and 150mph top speed. I beleive it is in the May 1993 issue. I lost my copy.

    Please let me know if you are pleased with Group 6. It's my someday dream.



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    Classic Volvo Sweden.

    To: "'Volvonet'" (swedishbricks@me.rochester.edu)
    From: Hans Rekestad (hans.rekestad@classvolvo.pp.se)
    Subject: About Old Volvos 1947 - 1973; 544, 210, 120 & P1800
    Date: Wed, 29 Nov 95 11:32:34 +0100 (CET)

    C L A S S I C    V O L V O    S W E D E N 
    Exporter and Importer of Collectors Cars and Parts.
    Volvo PV 444 / 544, Duett 445 / 210,
    Amazo P120 / 220 and P1800 Specialist.

    e-mail: hans.rekestad@classvolvo.pp.se
    Phone: +46 8 551 738 10
    Mobil phone: +46 10 222 11 44
    Fax:: +46 8 551 738 32

    Hallo there, Volvonians !!

    I run a small company in Sweden that has specialised in the above 1947 - 73 models. I sell cars and parts, new and secondhand. And answer questions and give advice if time allows.

    Right now I am looking for contacts round the world, trade or private, that can increase business and old Volvo values.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me for your old volvio needs !

    Best Wishes

    Hans Rekestad

    Global Automotive Parts Access on the Web.

    Subject: Global Automotive Parts Access
    Date: Sun, 10 Dec 95 21:43:02 -0800
    From: gapa@mail.calypso.com
    Organization: Global Automotive Parts Access
    To: volvo.amazon@ifi.uio.no

    Hello! My name is Gregory and I am writing you from Orange County, California. My partner and I recently created a web page to offer people access to Volvo, Mercedes, BMW & Saab parts on-line. Please check out our site that has just been linked to the Amazon home page or look us up at.......


    Let us know what you think!!!!!

    Thank you for your time and consideration

    Best Regards,


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    Part numbers for block heaters.

    Subject: Engine Block Heaters
    Date: Wed, 20 Dec 95 09:26:08 PST
    From: glenn@alldata.com (Glenn Thompson)
    To: swedishbricks@me.rochester.edu

    For all those interested in giving your brick that nice warm feeling inside it's powerplant before you start it up in the morning the block heaters are still available, even for the early engines.

    Engine Block Heaters

    1962 - 1984
    B18, B20, B21, B23, B30
    Part Number #1189856-6  Approx. $38.14
    1985 - Mid 1990 240
    Part Number #1343987-2  Approx. $59.62
    Mid 1990 - 1993 240
    Part Number #1189806-1  Approx. $62.03
    1985 - Mid 1990 740, 760, 780
    B230, B234
    Part Number #1343988-0  Approx. $57.46
    Mid 1990 - ON 740, 760, 780, 940
    B230, B234
    Part Number #1189805-3  Approx. $62.03
    1980 - 1986 760, 260
    D24, D24T
    Part Number #1189855-8  Approx. $38.14
    1976 - 1986 760, 260
    B28, B28
    Part Number #1189857-4  Approx. $38.14
    1987 - 1990 760, 780
    Part Number #1394422-8  Approx. $41.00
    1993 850
    Part Number #3542905-9  Approx. $67.42
    1994 - ON 850 Turbo
    Part Number #9124945-8  Approx. $67.42
    1992 - ON 960
    Part Number #6820284-5  Approx. $71.05
         Glenn Thompson (glenn@alldata.com)
         1983 242 Intercooled/Watercooled Turbo
         Volvo Cert Master Technician since 1975
         Automotive Technical Editor, Volvo Database
         Alldata Corporation, Elk Grove, Ca.

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