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Welcome to SwedishBricks.net

What is a SwedishBrickSM anyway?

Since most Volvos are "boxy but safe" - shaped with aerodynamics somewhat similar to that of a brick, and they're Swedish...the discussion group focused on Volvos was named "SwedishBricks".

The name stuck.

The SwedishBricks Discussion Group

Sometimes the group is referred to as Volvo.net or S'bricks...No matter what it's called, though, we're all Volvo lovers. Many of us have owned more than one (or 10) Volvos, some dating back to models built in the 1950's (PV 444 anyone?).

Many of us own 240 series cars, and the discussions on the mailing list tend to focus on maintenance and performance enhancements for these cars first built in the early '70s and on through the early '90s. The 240 series vehicle is considered the classic Volvo...one everyone thinks of when they hear "Volvo".

1972 Volvo 1800e, ch # 39,121Other Volvos have become famous too, of course. Robin Williams in Garp drove an older Volvo, a PV 544, Roger Moore as the Saint drove an 1800, with the beautiful bull horns of the early English-built cars, and re-issue of the Saint featured a new C-70.

We acknowledge that not all bricks are square :) But we don't have to like it!

Anyway, welcome to the site. Browse around, let us know what else you'd like to see here...And if you have content or pictures to contribute, please let us know. We'd like to post good original pictures of Volvos, particularly clean original older ones.

See our mention in the recent New York Times article about performance Volvos.


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